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Friday24 November 2017

Burner Setup & Combustion Analysis


With today’s rising energy cost, one of the easiest ways to increase profit margins is to eliminate or reduce wasted energy. When burner firing rates are incorrect, or when fuel/air ratios are misadjusted, you are sending a significant portion of your profit margins up the “stacks”.  

Controls Service, Inc. can provide Combustion Analysis and Burner Adjustments for a wide array of burner systems and applications.

Key Burner Setup & Combustion Analysis Services:

  • Establish & ensure proper firing rates
  • Combustion analysis to assure maximum fuel efficiency
  • Document settings for firing rates and air/fuel ratios
  • Hands on training for in-house maintenance personnel
  • Maxon, Eclipse, North American, Hauck, and many more supported
  • Often times, burner adjustments/analysis can be done without interruption to production



Our Promise

Controls Service, Inc. is a team of professionals representing well over 100 years of servicing satisfied customers. Our staff provides timely and thorough maintenance solutions utilizing innovative resources. Our customers recover full value for their maintenance dollars through our flexible service offerings and continued commitment to a performance level no less than 100%.

We promise to provide service that is "Second to None"

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