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Friday24 November 2017

Testing Services (TUS, SAT, Safety Checks)

Performance is key to running an efficient operation. Controls Service, Inc. offers various testing services to help keep their customers’ systems running at their optimum levels and to keep them compliant with regulatory and industry driven quality standards

Controls Service, Inc. offers three basic testing services: Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS), System Accuracy Tests (SAT or ISC’s), and Gas Train Safety Checks.

Temperature Uniformity Survey

Temperature Uniformity Surveys, commonly referred to as a TUS, establish objective evidence of the heat distribution characteristics throughout an oven or furnace system. It also identifies the qualified work zone within the oven or furnace system. TUS’s can also be an effective way of determining the efficiency of the furnace system and to monitor furnace performance over time.

Perhaps most important, Controls Service, Inc. has a technical staff that is fully qualified to perform an effective root-cause analysis of failed tests and to implement or recommend effective corrective actions to resolve the problem.


Sample of Systems We Can Perform a TUS on:

  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Pusher Furnace
  • Continuous Belt Furnace
  • Forging Furnace
  • Batch Furnace
  • Retort Furnace
  • Drop-bottom Furnace
  • Salt Baths
  • Lab Oven
  • and many more

Key Temperature Uniformity Survey Services:

  • Nadcap/AMS2750, BAC 5621, CQI-9 compliant
  • Concise, Easy-To-Understand, Compliant reporting
  • NIST traceability in all test equipment and instrumentation
  • Repeatability studies included if desired
  • Root-cause analysis of failed tests
  • System issues addressed to remedy failed TUS outcomes
  • Timely delivery of all reporting
  • Reports available as digital and/or hard copy binder


System Accuracy Test

System Accuracy Test, commonly referred to as an SAT, is another critically important and often required test. System Accuracy Tests are performed to determine the error within the temperature control system (temperature control device/lead wire/thermocouple). Regardless of the application, knowing the error that exists in your temperature control system allows for more consistent control of quality.

Key System Accuracy Test Services:

  • Nadcap/AMS2750, BAC 5621, CQI-9 compliant
  • Concise, Easy-To-Understand, Compliant reporting
  • Certificates of NIST traceability provided at no cost
  • Extensive Thermocouple Inventory
  • Timely delivery of ALL reporting
  • Reporting available as digital or hard copy


Gas Train Safety Checks

Controls Service, Inc. is your best choice for providing NFPA-86 compliant Gas Train Safety Checks. With this service, Controls Service, Inc. will test for proper operation of all gas train safety components in a “fail condition” and observe and document system shut down performance indicating a pass/fail status. The best way to have complete confidence in your flame safety system is to have Controls Service, Inc. perform your Gas Train Safety Checks.

Key Gas Train Safety Checks:

  • Compliant with NFPA-86 requirements
  • Ovens, Furnaces, Incinerators, RTO’s, ASH’s, and more
  • Concise, Easy-To-Understand reporting to facilitate effective follow-up
  • Root-cause analysis of failed safety systems
  • Troubleshoot and repair any failed components and systems
  • Testing of flame safety components
  • Extensive local inventory of flame safety devices
  • Knowledgeable and adept technical staff

Our Promise

Controls Service, Inc. is a team of professionals representing well over 100 years of servicing satisfied customers. Our staff provides timely and thorough maintenance solutions utilizing innovative resources. Our customers recover full value for their maintenance dollars through our flexible service offerings and continued commitment to a performance level no less than 100%.

We promise to provide service that is "Second to None"

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